Roadside Buffers

Gibson SWCD Promotes Roadside Buffer Program

Gibson County SWCD is continuing the Roadside Buffer Program that was started in June 2001. The buffers for roadside stabilization are limited to dangerous intersections of 90º turns. The first step is to identify the areas that qualify for this type of natural resource protection that will also enhance public safety.

The roadside stabilization program is not conntected with any other conservation programs, but can be implemented into your current conservation plan. Along with increasing public safety, the grass strips promote healthy soil by slowing water runoff, trapping sediment, and enhancing water infiltration in the buffer. Some roadside stabilization buffers have been increased in size to help reduce erosion on the field edge. The grassed strips can also offer a natural habitat for small wildlife. All these benefits can add up to better air quality.

This county-wide program is offered to owners and producers of acreage currently in production. With input from the producer, potential sites are evaluated to determine length, width, and size of buffer that will be the most beneficial for public safety and natural resouce protection.

If selected, applicants are offered a two-year “voluntary renewable” agreement with the Gibson County SWCD. Selected producers or landowners are paid in advance up to a maximum of $250 per acre, per year, or a minimum of $50 per year for less than 0.2 acre. To help get the grass strip started, a $10 one-time payment is given for seed cost.

For additional information, contact the Gibson County SWCD.