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319 Grant Funds Available in Patoka River Watershed

Cost-share dollars are available to help implement best management practices that address water quality issues for those farming in the Patoka River watershed. Contact Julie Loehr at 812-779-7924 or at the Gibson County SWCD 812-385-5033 x111, for more information.



The Middle Patoka 319 grant has helped to fund an urban BMP project in Winslow, Indiana. Permeable concrete, called Flex Pave, was installed the week of November 16th in front of the Winslow Town Hall. Permeable concrete helps to mitigate storm water runoff pollutants. Every time it rains, water runs off impervious surfaces like driveways, sidewalks, roofs, and streets into storm water drains, preventing the runoff from naturally soaking into the ground. The problem is storm water runoff picks up debris, chemicals, dirt, pet waste and other pollutants and then directly enters the storm drain where it is discharged untreated into water we use for swimming, fishing, and providing our drinking water. This negatively affects human and animal health and it increases the costs of drinking water treatment. The permeable concrete allows the rain to infiltrate down into the soil below where it is filtered of pollutants before entering our water supply. If you happen to be in Pike County, near Winslow, take an extra moment and stop to see the permeable concrete!



On Saturday, September 6, several volunteers helped with trash collection on the banks of the Patoka River. These photos shows trash collected at historic Severns Bridge site on Hwy 65 north of Princeton.

Volunteers were Jake Blanton, Tristen Walden, Tanner Meade, Lilly Stocker, Devon Milheiser, Molly Mroz, Taylor Beck, Jim Maglis, Ricky Adkins, and Tom Mosley.

Support for the event was provided by the Gibson County SWCD, First Financial Bank, Rural King, and F&M Building & Home Supply.