USDA Acronyms

Acronym What It Means
AFO Animal Feeding Operations
ASTC Assistant State Conservationist
BMP Best Management Practice
BPA Blanket Purchase Agreement
CAFO Confined Animal Feeding Operation
CCE Common Computing Environment
CCI Contract Completion Incentive
CCRP Continuous Conservation Reserve Program
CIG Conservation Innovation Grants
CL Center Line
CLU Common Land Unit
CMS Conservation Management System
CMU Conservation Management Units
CMZ Crop Management Zone
CNMP Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan
COE Corp of Engineers
CP Conservation Practice
CPPE Conservation Practice Physical Effects
CRA Common Resource Areas
CREP Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program
CRP Conservation Reserve Program
CSG Conservation System Guide
CSP Conservation Security Program
CST Customer Service Toolkit
CTA Conservation Technical Assistance
CY Current Year Contract Activities
DAC District Administrative Coordinator
DC District Conservationist
DOQ Digital Orthophoto Quadrangles
DOQQ Digital Orthophoto Quarter Quadrangles
EA Environmental Assessment
EBI Environmental Benefits Index
EE Environmental Evaluation
EFOTG Electronic Field Office Technical Guide
EI Erodibility Index
EIS Environmental Impact Statement
ENM Enhancement Nutrient Management for CSP
EPM Enhancement Pest Management for CSP
EPP Existing Practice Payment for CSP
EQIP Environmental Quality Incentive Program
ESA Endangered Species Act
FSM Enhancement Soil Management for CSP
EWM Enhancement Water Management for CSP
EWP Emergency Watershed Program
FA Financial Assistance
FedBizOp Federal Business Opportunities
FFIS Foundation Financial Information System
FIRS Farm Irrigation Rating System
FLRP Forest Land Recovery Program
FTP File Transfer Protocol
FONSI Finding Of No Significant Impact
FOTG Field Office Technical Guide
FPP Farmland Protection Program
FR Federal Register
FRPP Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program
FSA Food Security Act
FSA Farm Service Agency
GAO General Accounting Office
CCPI Cooperative Conservation Partnership Initiative (originally Conservation Partnership Initiative (CPI)
GIS Geographic Information System
GLCI Gazing Land Conservation Initiative
GM General Manual
GPS Global Positioning System
GRP Grassland Reserve Program
GSA General Services Administration
GSAT Grazing System Analysis
GSOP General Signup Offer Process
HEL Highly Erodible Land
HU Hydrologic Unit
IAS Integrated Accountability System
ICAMS Internet Combined Administrative System
ITC Information Technical Center
IWM Irrigation Water Management
JWOD Javits-Wagner-O’Day (purchasing items from or made by people who are blind or severely disabled)
LESA Land Evaluation and Site Assessment
LRSSF Limited Resource Small Scale Farmer
LOC Library of Congress
LRA Land Resource Area
LRF Limited Resource Farmer
LTA Long-term Agreement
MAS Mobile Access System
MLRA Major Land Resource Areas
MU Mapping Unit
NACD National Association of Conservation Districts
NAPRA National Agricultural Pesticide Risk Analysis
NED National Economic Development
NEDC National Employee Development Center, NRCS
NEPA National Environmental Policy Act
NFSAM National Food Security Act Manual
NHEL Non-highly Erodible Land
NHPA National Historic Preservation Act
NHQ National Headquarters
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NPDES National Pollution Discharge Elimination System
NPPH National Planning Procedure Handbook
NRD Natural Resource District
NRI National Resources Inventory
NTC National Technical Centers, NRCS
NTSC National Technology Support Centers, NRCS
O&M Operation and Maintenance
OIG Office of Inspector General
OMB Office of Management and Budget
OSE Other Social Effects
P&G Economic and Environmental Principles and Guidelines
PCMS Purchase Card Management System
PCS Pasture Condition Score Sheet
PDR Practice Documentation Requirement
PHEL Potentially Highly Erodible Land
PIP Practice Incentive Payment
PL Public Law
PLS Pure Live Seed
PMC Plant Materials Centers, NRCS
POINTS Program Operations Information Tracking System
ProTracts Program Contracts System
PRS Performance Results System
PY Prior Year Contracts
RA Regional Attorney
RAMP Rural Abandoned Mine Program
RC&D Resource Conservation and Development
RD Rural Development
RED Regional Economic Development
RF Reimbursable – Federal
RIF Reduction In Force
RFP Request For Proposal
RMA Risk Management Agency
RMS Resource Management System
RN Reimbursable – Non-Federal
RUSLE Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation
RUSLE2 Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation 2
SC Soil Conservationist
SCI Soil Conditioning Index
SCIMS Service Center Information Management System
SCT Soil Conservation Technician
SIMS Skills Information Management System
SIP Signing Incentive Payment
SHPO State Historic Preservation Officer
SL State and Local Programs
SLO Sponsoring Local Organizations
SP Stewardship Payment for CSP
SRC State Resource Conservationist
SRR Soil Rental Rates
SSPE Site Specific Practice Effects
STC State Conservationist
STIR Soil Tillage Intensity Rating
SWAPA Soil, Water, Air, Plants, Animals
SWCA Soil and Water Conservation Assistance
SWCC Soil and Water Conservation Committee
SWCD Soil and Water Conservation District
SWCS Soil and Waters Conservation Society
TA Technical Assistance
T & E Threatened and Endangered Species
THPO Tribal Historic Preservation Officer
TNG Toolkit Next Generation
TMDL Total Maximum Daily Load
TSP Technical Service Provider
TSP Thrift Savings Plan
TVA Tennessee Valley Authority
URL Uniform Resource Locator
U.S.C. United States Code
USDA United States Department of Agriculture
USLE Universal Soil Loss Equation
UTM Universal Transverse Mercator
WAE When Actually Employed (students, etc.)
WebTCAS Web Based Total Cost Accounting System
WHEG Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Guide
WHI Wildlife Habitat Index
WHIP Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program
WINPOND Windows Pond Designing Tool
WIN-PST Windows Pesticide Screening Tool
WLA Workload Analysis
WRP Wetlands Reserve Program
AD Ag Department
ADS Administrative Services
CCC Commodity Credit Corporation
CPA Conservation Planning and Application
ECN Economics
ECS Ecological Sciences
FNM Financial Management
GSA General Service Administration
LTP Long Term Project
MGT Management
OF Optional Form
OPM Office of Personnel Management
PDM Project Development and Maintenance
SF Standard Form
SOI Soils
TSP Thrift Savings Plan
Wetlands/Highly Erodible Lands
AW Artificial Wetland
CC Commenced Conversion
CMW Categorical Minimal Effect
CPD Corps Permit Decision
CW Converted Wetland
CWNA Converted Wetland Non-Agricultural use
CWTE Converted Wetland Technical Error
FW Farmed Wetland
FWP Farmed Wetland Pasture
MIW Mitigation Wetland
MW Minimal Effect Wetland
MWM Minimal effect with Mitigation
NI Not Inventoried
NW Non-wetland
NW/NAD Non-wetland resulting from National Appeal Decision
OW Other Waters
PC Prior Converted
PC/NW Prior Converted/Non-Wetland
TP Third Party Exemption
W Wetlands
WX Manipulated wetland, not for production purposes